Mechanical & Electrical Coordination

Consultation and co-ordination between site services contractors.

We provide a comprehensive range of services designed to assure every project meets the very highest standards.


Collaborate with Contractor and Client in relation to execution of project.

Progress & coordination

Chair progress and coordination meetings.

Cost Management

Ensure projects stay within budget


Oversee disputes and negotiations

Project Records

Record meeting minutes and ensure relevant documentation is recorded and stored.

Milestones & Targets

Ensure that project milestones are met and project costs are within budget.


Oversee compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

Best Practice

Establish best engineering solutions to implement projects.

On Site Supervision

On site supervision and coordination of contractors and sub contract specialists.

Avoid Bottlenecks

Liaise with contractors to coordinate work schedules and pre-empt clashes or potential delays.

Problem Solving

Deal with unforeseen elements that arise during project implementation.

Emergency Planning

Plan and implement shutdowns and required outages with least impact options.

Professional Guidance

Interpret and clarify drawings and specifications for both client and contractors.

Quality Control

Witness and record site and equipment tests.

Handover Documentation

Collate and record site handover documentation.

Equipment Handover

Coordinate equipment and plant handover and sign off on behalf of Client

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